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Buying from Sullivan Screen is buying FACTORY DIRECT.  We design, print and fabricate all of our sreen products at our Spring, TX factory. Why pay a middle man when you can buy direct and save?  We invite you to give us a call and let us quote your next project - 1.800.543.0926


Choosing the right screen for your outfield fence project is easy when you work with the experienced team at Sullivan Screens.  Sullivans has been manufacturing sports screen and netting since 1964 and we welcome the opportunity to assist you with your next screen project.


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Our Dugout Fronts and Dugout Wraps are a great way to stay cool and look cool.  Our shade covers protect players and equipment from UV rays.  Sullivan Dugout Shade Covers reduce dugout temperatures up to 15%.  Our digital full color Dug Out Fronts are a great way to tell a story or highlight your brand in a big way.


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Sullivan can build your batters eye to your specifications.  Let our team of screen pros assist you in choosing the right material, finshes and assembly tecniques to build you a batters eye that lasts.  We can build screen any size!


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Bleacher Screen is a great way to promote your team.  Bleacher screen is available in VCP, Digital VCP or Privacy Screen.  Bleacher Screen provides huge digital graphic possibilities to really dress up a field or visual barrier for under bleacher storage.

If you can conceive it we can create it.


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