The Brand Evolution of a Divine Idea

How Fort Bend Christian Academy grew from a one teacher church school into one of Houston’s largest and most consistently branded private Christian academies.

Some ideas come out of nowhere and some ideas are born out of necessity. In either case, moving an idea beyond the idea stage requires timing, determination, tenacity, luck, identity and occasionally; divine intervention.

"No Idea Is So Outlandish That It Should Not Be Considered With A Searching But At The Same Time A Steady Eye." Winston Churchill

Back in 1987, a small Baptist church in Sugarland Texas had an idea; their idea was to start a church school where the kids would follow traditional curriculum's while simultaneously practicing Christian values.  With just one teacher and seven Kindergarten students Sugar Creek Baptist Church School began their journey.

Over the next 19 years, Sugar Creek Baptist Church School became Fort Bend Baptist Academy and finally transitioned to Fort Bend Christian Academy where the school flourished with the addition of infrastructure, campus buildings and athletic complexes on their expansive 35 acre campus.

Well known for their commitment to academic and inspirational excellence. Fort Bend Christian Academy has also been recognized as a pioneer of the Campus Branding movement.

For the past 30 years Fort Bend Christian Academy in all of its iterations has been brand conscious. That tradition is alive and well and today and the campus at FBCA is a shining example of integrated branding.

Kelly Carroll the Athletic director at Fort Bend Christian Academy is a woman with a vision. Kelly's vision is to seamlessly integrate the textual and visual elements of the FBCA brand throughout the campus.  This unified approach to cohesive branding is an effective way to share a compelling story; visually.

Kelly began the process of updating the branding at their baseball stadium and soccer field. Kelly contacted Sullivan Campus Branding to manage the design, creative, fabrication and installation of the printed and non printed screen panels.

The project included printed outfield fence screens, dug out backs, bleacher wraps, bleacher backs and custom walkway graphics. “The updated branding at the baseball and softball field is an impressive addition to the sports complex. It's amazing how trans-formative these graphics can be” Carroll added

Kelly Carroll's next project was to update the Softball Complex.  Again she shared her vision with the team at Sullivan Campus Branding who provided the design, creative, fabrication and installation of the printed and non printed screen panels.

The softball field re-branding project included bleacher wraps, dug out wraps, entry ramps, outfield screens, outfield graphics and foul line screens.

"The stadium re-branding has made a huge impact on our campus. The consistency of the graphics and screen elements tie everything together. It is exciting to see the dramatic changes branded graphics add to our campus landscapes"

As Athletic Director, Kelly Carroll wanted to "tackle" the highly visible re-branding of the Football Stadium. She enlisted the services of Sullivan Campus Branding to carry handle the re-branding responsibilities.

This football project included the design, fabrication and installation of branded screens for bleacher wraps, bleacher tops, bleacher backs, bleacher bottoms, entry screens, track screens, storage screens, entry screens, and ramp entry screens.

The completed sporting complex re-branding project is impressive. The powerful transformation of the facility speaks to the vision of Kelly and the team at Fort Bend Christian Academy.  Fort Bend Christian Academy has achieved a level of branding that is usually reserved for professional stadiums and top rated universities.


With the sports branding completed, Kelly has begun the process of creating branded spaces inside the campus buildings. The first internal campus branding project included the design and installation of wall murals and mission statement graphics in the main corridor of the academic building.

Wall graphics add depth and visual interest to any space, and as a tool to deliver brand consistency they are durable, versatile and unparalleled for indoor use.

Fort Bend Christian Academy is a fine example of an institution that provides their students with an exemplary education while promoting Christian values in an environment that is rich with textual and visual imagery that supports the mission, values and traditions of the school.

Schools like Fort Bend Christian Academy and leaders like Kelly Carroll are the future of integrated Campus Branding.

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